Friday, July 13, 2012

Progress Report - Spring/Early Summer Edition

This is just one of those miscellaneous post about my watch list. There aren't gonna be a whole lot of info here regarding currently airing series or upcoming ones. On that note, I feel very reluctant about writing season previews, simply because I don't think I have what it takes to carry on the task. For one, it's extremely time consuming, for two, I would feel the pressure to prepare one for every season and I don't want to trap myself into the habit. There are plenty of previews out there written by excellent bloggers that offer more than enough to keep you informed, so I shall be the lazy bum I am and leave the task to the more experienced.

Spring Season
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In all honesty, this season is decent in quality. After two month of tryouts, I actually managed to find several shows I want to stick through. But given the large quantity, I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising (this massive chart is proof). I think I've mentioned this before, but I really hate watching series while its airing, because if by any chance I like it, the turtle paced weekly release would drive me nuts. Anyways, here is a brief summary of where I am currently.

Space Brothers - I guess I'm really not cut out for slice of life shows. The comedy doesn't register with me and the realistic approach to sci-fi doesn't pique my interest.

Tsuritama  - There needs to be that weird, random show in every season. Initially, what drew me in was the unique art style, although simple and almost cartoony, it was an interesting choice. But after two episodes, it failed to leave an impression on me, aside from being weird. Maybe if I give it more time, there might be an actual point to the story, but I have neither the patience nor the interest level to wait around.

Currently Watching
Hyouka - The only show this season that I'm watching on a weekly basis. Maybe it's episodic nature of the story, the slow release isn't really bothering me. The story arc is quite short, ranging from 2 to 4 episodes, though as the series progresses, there seem to be a more encompassing story beyond the weekly mystery. I always felt indifferent to the studio behind the series, Kyoto Animation, the factory of moeblobs. But I have to say, the series is very entertaining so far, and the art work is exceptional. The latest mystery was especially engaging and well crafted. If this is the future direction of moe, then I might consider taking the label off my hate list. But more details on the series later, I will be sure to post a review once its finished.

Will Watch List  
Eureka Seven Ao - Oh my beloved Eureka Seven. Being the sequel to one of my favorite anime, I think I have every reason to watch it. Studio Bones jumped out their comfort zone last year and produced two detective series side by side. Aside from Conan, I have trouble sitting through detective mysteries, and Bones production didn't seem to make a difference. But looks likes the studio is back to producing what they strongest in, which is sci-fi/supernatural/fantasy, so that's certainly good news for a fan like me. Anyways, Eureka Seven had one of most amazing cast I have ever seen in anime, I hope with all my heart Ao will follow in its steps. This reminds me, I should probably write a Eureka Seven review sometimes soon.......

Sakamichi no Apollon - A slice of life show about music. But I gotta give props to the rookie studio behind this series, the art is amazing, and so is the music if the first two episodes is anything to go by. Seems like teenage romance will be the central theme in the series, not what I normally look for in anime, but the change of tone from what I usually watch is refreshing.

Jormungand - An action seinen show! I've been so deprived of good action series, and judging from the comments I've read lately, this series may just be the thing to satisfy my desire.

On a final note, I was doing some research on Fall anime and all I can say is...damn, it looks 1000x better than the summer season, which was nothing but disappointment, so much so that I might end up picking nothing from the season. Looks like my biggest complaint about the lack of action series in the Summer lineup will not hold for this upcoming season. I should probably lower my level of optimism, plenty of ideas could end up spiraling in the wrong direction and the season may still potentially fall below par, but allow me to fangirl while I can. But I will keep the blog updated if I do find something interesting from the summer lineup~


  1. hey you know what babe...both Tsuritama and Hyouka caught my eyes when I looked at the list back a month ago I think. But then at the time, I was still catching up to some other dramas and didn't want to try anything new. xD I'm surprised that you dropped Tsuritama so if it's really not that interesting then I'll just follow your review and watch the one you considered more interesting. ^^
    OH btw, I finally moved on with my Japanese media phobia, taking little steps at a time. xD What I mean is that, I'm currently watching a detective series about a guy who's got autism of some sort I think, and his character so far is pretty interesting to explore. The show is called Ataru, not an anime. But that's cuz I find that it's always safer to step up the ladder with something that's more familiar to handle and then work my way up the scale of "difficulty". xD

  2. I found Tsuritama a little pointless and a little too bizzare for my taste, the lack of a definable plot bothers me. As for Hyouka, I need to finish the rest when it finishes airing, but I'm really liking it so far. I'll review the four shows from the spring season and one more from the summer season (hooray, there is an interesting show that caught despite my complaint earlier, it's called Natsuyuki Rendezvous) before I do a preview for the fall season. So check back babe xD