Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku (The Princess and the Pilot) - Review

Studio: Madhouse
Year: 2011
Director: Jun Shishido
Screen Play: Satoko Okudera
Original Creator: Koroku Inumura
" As a beautiful daughter of the noble family del Moral, Fana was proposed by Prince Carlo, who is the crown prince of their country Levamme. However, since Levamme is at war with Amatsuvian, the marriage had to wait until the war ends. Meanwhile, as a bestado, the lowest caste in Levamme, Charles had always dreamed of flying and eventually became the ace pilot of the air force. Although he was often mistreated, a glorious chance came about when the Amatsuvian bombarded del Moral's home in order to get rid of the future empress. Charles was then entrusted with the top secret mission of delivering the princess to the prince."

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 Winter Anime Season Preview

2013 is definitely not the best year for anime. Against the usual trend, Summer actually give us the best lineup, followed by a below-average Fall season, not just by Fall standard, but any standard. So how does the Winter fare? Well, I can only say it doesn't hold any surprises – it is as insipid as it has always been. There is the usual crop of fanservice driven shows that's the signature of every Winter. I don't know what I would be looking forward to if not for Bones' comeback after a year of absence. Oh right, seems like the much anticipated Sailor Moon remake will be finally making its appearance. So without further ado.

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Synopsis credit goes to ANN & MAL.