Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~Graduation and Happy Birthday to MagiCasparagus~

I can't believe it's already been one year since I started anime blogging! I haven't written as much and as often as I liked, but it's still pretty great to have the space here to rant whenever I'm in the mood. So Happy B-Day to my dear blog and may you live a long and bright life (but that depends on your whimsical owner doesn't it...). Speaking of being whimsical, if you are wondering why I named my blog after a vegetable, one that I dislike for that matter, I can tell you it's totally out of whim. My friend and I were high one day, and I randomly thought Asparagus sounds like some kind of magical spell, and here we have it, a blog born out of my unrestrained randomness. 

Anyways, the second point of this post is I officially graduated from university! Like hell, that was four years of pure torture and test of will power. It's not uni life if it's not punctuated by unproductive all-nighters, excessive consumption of caffein (I also hate coffee), and day-dreaming in some of your most tedious classes lectured by professors whose name you purge from memory the moment you get your credit. I still remember the first day of uni, boy was I excited and full of aspiration, even the grass looked greener. Well, they are not kidding when they say sometimes university education is the very thing that kills your dreams and hopes – endless assignments, essays, exams, and the number on your transcript could really worn you out and make you forget why you were here in the first place (other than the name of a prestigious school is attractive and ego-feeding). Just when you thought you've escaped the clutch of having your life planned (in other words, from highschool) and could learn whatever you want, you realize whatever you end up learning is never entirely what you had mind. Four years later, I no longer make an effort to go to every class on time, I no longer admire the beautiful buildings on campus, and I no longer think I am capable of doing everything in the world. 

That said, I do have plans to go back to school (see...I am masochistic), hopefully next year if I can find a gradschool willing to take me in. I'm sure they don't want to see me pan-handling on the street because I couldn't find a job with a undergrad degree in Psychology, which is pretty much equivalent to naught in this day and age in the job market. Oh..on second thought, they probably don't care? I mean why else would they implement that stupid bell-curve policy to lock the class average in the C+ range and why else they make university easy to get in and difficult to get out? School is a business, regardless of what we think. Cynicism is another thing that's been amplified through my university experience. 
Well, I make it sound like I just escaped from hell and resented the experience with my very soul. Okay, it's really not all bad, at least the knowledge part is great, especially on dinner table when you can spew nonsense your parents don't understand and they look at you admiringly for the first time as if you aren't their offspring. In all seriousness, I don't regret the choices I made (and my alter-ego screams: you liar! what about that random stats course you took and almost flunked), the point is education isn't all about the facts you memorize and regurgitate on the test (though that's important also, GPA is the cruel but unavoidable part of the journey), it's more about showing you how to look at the world from different angles – the one true lesson I learned. Many years down the road, I doubt I will remember many of the things I picked up from textbooks, but the mentality I developed through these four tough years will stay and aid me in life, cynicism or not. 

I'm not quite sure I'm ready to step into society and stop leeching off my parents. For one thing, I need to get my driver's license, I have no excuse to put it off now that I graduated. Somehow driving is such an unappealing idea to me, I'd rather share germ with other bus riders, but what I gotta do is what I gotta do. 

As for anime plans, I've been so furiously busy these days I barely have time to turn on my computer nevermind making time for anime. Hopefully after this "house-selling" shenanigan settles down, I will finally have time to start on my backlog, which is long and glaring. 

Well, that's about it for my life report haha, I almost forgot this is an anime blog, this is just something I wanted to share. 

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