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Eureka Seven Ao - Ending Explanation

Seems like a lot of people are confused by the time/space dilemma in Eureka Seven Ao. Well, here is some explanation based on my observation and interpretation. 

1. The scub coral resolving the limits question
They didn't go back in time in the same universe/space, that would disrupt the continuum and but still not solve the problem. Precisely because the scubs understood what humans wanted, at the end of of E7, they went to other universes that are parallel to Eureka Seven's universe. But one of the universe/space they travelled to (namely the distant future of Ao's planet) activated its defense mechanism – the secrets – in order to destroy the scubs. The scub corals then went back to the past of Ao's planet to where there were no secrets, but the secrets travelled through the time portal left behind by the scubs, and the phenomenon known as scub burst began. Therefore the universe in the original E7 was never altered by the events in Ao. 

2. Ao's origin 
The loophole in this whole thing isn't what the scub corals did, but how Ao ended up in the universe he was in. I guess somehow Renton and Eureka found a way to travel to other universes, that would explain how Eureka, who was pregnant with her first child at that time, appeared in Ao's universe with the gekko. When their first child died, I think Eureka realized who Ao was and the fact that the scubs have traveled to Ao's timeline (the distant past of the planet that is parallel to the one in E7). Then later we see Renton and Eureka, who was pregnant with Ao, trying to destroy the scubs in the distant future so they don't travel to the past in the first place. This is when Renton sends Eureka to the past of this planet so she can give birth in the trapar-less environment, where scub burst happened 10 years later when Renton apparently failed to prevent the scub corals from the distant future to travel to the past. 

This explains three things

1. While Eureka was going into labor, she told Fukai Renton is fighting for their child.
2 . Renton said he should be the one to apologize in Ep23, after he meets the apparition of Eureka. Because of his failure, she had to take it upon herself to protect Ao's timeline and by doing so, she was stuck in time/space limbo.
3. Renton knew Ao's name when they first met. 

So the idea is circular, Eureka finds out she will give birth to Ao after meeting Ao, and Eureka being sent to the past to give birth to Ao. We don't know if the past determined the future or the future past. In other words, while knowing the existence of Ao, if Eureka and Renton decided to not have a second child after the first died, then Ao's existence would have been erased. At least that's what I think. Bones never made it explicit, so the gaps are left to your own imagination. 

3. Eureka time/space limbo 

Quartz is basically the mechanism of the scubs that allow them to space travel. Before the scub burst could happen, Eureka attempted to take the quartz somewhere else, however she merely expressed the wish of traveling to a different time and space, but did not specify which timeline and space. As a result, she was unable to materialize and unable to remain in one timeline. 

4. Quartz Gun 
Renton told Ao that he was going back to the future to destroy the first scub that appeared in this universe. He did not mean his own universe, but the future of Ao's universe. But the implication is that by erasing the scubs, those who were already infected with the coral substance would likely disappear as well. Ao rejected this idea and went for the third option, which is changing the mechanism of the world. After he fired the Quartz gun, it seems like scub burst no longer happened in the newly altered world. My take on this is that secrets, the anti-virus of this world, ceased to exist, and therefore the scubs who traveled to this universe from Eureka's universe in the distant future did not have a need to travel to the past now that nothing is trying to destroy them. Since scub burst didn't happen, Naru and coral carriers were not infected and Elena is probably back in her own time. 

[Before Ao fired the Quartz Gun the third time, I am a bit confused to when Eureka saved Elena.....]

Well, I think this is as much as I can sort out. Just how much did the Quartz gun changed the world and sequences of change that took place, we will never find out. It's best to have suspension of disbelief and accept the outcome if things were to make sense. 

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  1. I really wish everyone who is clawing at their eyes in despair over the ending could read this as well as your previous post since I do think you've pieced together the ending. I think what undid this anime was the connection people felt to the original Eureka Seven anime. I'm sure every longtime fan went nuts when the Gekkostate burst from the Scub Coral or the seven swell occurred at the end of episode 22. After reading your posts I believe they made the right choice to keep the direct connections to the original anime short and sweet. The story was ultimately about what happened to the Scub Coral after the events of Eureka Seven. The question I have is why did Renton and Eureka go after the Scub Coral in the parallel universe in the first place if it had no bearing on their original universe?

  2. If I remember right - though I could be wrong as my memory is kind of shot right now, I think Renton mentioned that Eureka – who was pregnant with her first child – stumbled into Ao's universe by accident. Otherwise, you really wouldn't be able to explain why the Gekko also appeared, well...other than Bones did it for old time sakes. It was practically the only highlight for the majority of the fan base. It makes logical sense considering Eureka is a coralian after all, and we know from the series that she could turn herself into a Quartz. The choice to go after the scubs only became a choice after their first child died. It justifies Renton and Eureka's action for having a second child, because from Eureka's trip, they already knew he could exist and they probably couldn't bear to let the possibility slip away. Yeah, I wish people could have figured things out before they started bashing like it's end of the world.

  3. I think it was Renton who said that they were experimenting with the some of the attributes of scub corals and used the gekko to as a vessel to see where they would end up if they passed through the light. That was when Eureka first ended up in Ao's world, and was when she first met Ao. She then went back to the original Eureka 7 universe, only to find out that in the trappar saturated environment, the child of a scub and a human would turn to stone upon being born. At this point they were in the distant future of Ao's world, where humans were extinct. Due to the abnormality of a human being in a world where there should be none, the secrets attacked. In a rush, Renton pushed Eureka, pregnant with Ao, into the pillar of light born of a scub burst, telling her to go to a place place with less trappar (So Ao would't turn to stone). She goes back in time, gives birth to Ao, and completes the loop. Then, in I believe it was Iwato, she tries to send both herself and a giant quartz to a different place, which she didn't specify, and subsequently became stuck in limbo, unable to remain in any same time or place for an extended period. Ao, never wanting his parents to go through all the hardships that they did, decided to go back in time and send his parents back to their original world (before Eureka had the chance to mess things up and send herself into limbo)and free Eureka from the burden of raising him the way she was forced to. She gave birth to him and lived in isolation, destroying the scubs to limit the amount of trappar being released so that he could live. Anyway, with his Nirvash almost completely obliterated, Ao wandered through time, although I dont know what he was searching for. He was faded at first, almost like Eureka was, but becomes solid again, further adding to my confusion on the subject. Or maybe it was actually Nirvash who was in limbo, and Ao simply jumped out to stay in the current time he was in. Either way, that's really all I have to explain.

    Hope this cleared some things up!

  4. "I guess somehow Renton and Eureka found a way to travel to other universes, that would explain how Eureka, who was pregnant with her first child at that time, appeared in Ao's universe with the gekko."
    At the end of the original, Renton and Eureka go with the scub to the new universe. Don't they? The real question is how the Gekko got to the new Universe.

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    1. Well, stopping the coral from going back (by taking the secrets out of the equation) alters the world in such a way that Naru is never infected, but destroying them in the current timeline also erases the infected individuals. It's like when a smartphone gets virus and malfunctions, you risk deleting the files if you want to clean out the virus, but if you restore your phone to an earlier point where the virus hasn't infiltrated, you get to keep the files.

      As I said, the loophole is Ao's birth, we don't know if the past determined the future or the future past, and there is really no point destroying your mind thinking about it. She took the quartz away because she realized Renton failed to stop the corals from going back. There are two time traveling theories – parallel and continuous, this show kind of mixes the two together, hence the confusion.

      Yes, I agree it's very frustrating trying to sort it all out and I totally understand paradox isn't everyone's Suspension of disbelief may sound like an excuse, but it is perhaps one of the only ways to go about it.

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  9. Thanks for making it clear! just watched the anime and it was confusing as hell

  10. I would like to know since he was traveling through time why didn't he wait tell like some time in the future where his parents existed so then jump out and be with them so they would have a son and he could have a family instead of being in a world no one knows him anymore.

  11. theres one flaw that doesnt fit though...
    in the original E7 ending it was stated that renton was no longer human and had become corralian so he could be with eureka which is why renton also had wibgs in the ending, so why was this fact erased & renton made human by the creators for E7: AO

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